SUN 9 – Blanchardstown

Dublin Blackthorn is a lively four-piece Irish trad band based in North County Dublin. With their energetic performances and rich musical heritage, they bring the authentic sound of traditional Irish music to life. The band’s skilled instrumentalists expertly blend guitar, banjo, fiddle, and bodhrán, creating intricate harmonies and breathing new life into beloved Irish tunes and songs. From spirited jigs and reels to soulful ballads, Dublin Blackthorn’s versatility and engaging stage presence ensure that every performance is a memorable experience. Their passion for preserving and sharing Irish music is evident in their studio recordings, capturing the essence and energy of their live shows. Whether performing in intimate pub settings or on grand concert stages, Dublin Blackthorn’s dedication to their craft and the traditions of Irish music shines through, captivating audiences and carrying the spirit of the music far and wide.